Staying in Trend in 2017
Website design trends seem to change faster than Kim Kardashians profile picture on Instagram. Within the blink of an eye, design elements evolve and shift. Yes - it's exhausting trying to stay current. Yes - it's maddening that your website is considered a throw-back after having a recent makeover. Yes - it's baffling to know that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is still on the air. Unfortunately we can't do anything to help with getting the Kardashians kicked from cable...but we can help with keeping your website in the now. If you are planning on having your website designed or redesigned  - first, give us a call...and second, commit these five design points to memory.

1. Content Takes the Cake

No matter how beautifully packaged your website looks, it will all mean nothing if the content is lacking. Seeing as the main goal of having a website is to distribute content - it is best practice to have that content be both relevant and meaningful. This year, a huuuuuuuuge emphasis will be placed on content and straightforward text. When designing your website make sure you are combining viable content with spot on user navigation and functionality. When visitors come to your site, they want substance not just pretty ribbons and bows. So go ahead and give it to them!

2. Less Stock-ography

Just say NO to those vague businessmen in suits shaking hands or the corporate team standing side by side with their arms crossed in front. Stock photography is moving out and original, natural photography is quickly coming in to replace it. So far this year, there has been a giant shift away from using stock photography and an even bigger push towards using authentic photography to capture the value of a business. More and more companies are hiring professional photographers to help relate their products and services to their customer base. High caliber imagery is the name of the 2017 web game. Ooooooh and also hand drawn art - that's a pretty trendy trend too, and we're hip to it!

3. Capture it All on Film

It has been scientifically proven that the goldfish swimming around in that algae-ridden tank of yours has a longer attention span than you do. We're not even sure if you're still reading this article. But what we do know is how to instantly capture and hold a web users attention...VIDEO. People today inhale video like it's clean air....watching everything from short clips to entire movies on laptops, tablets and phones. What's good about this? Well in terms of web design, video is a very successful means for delivering content and telling a story about a brand or company message. Videos occupy attention and keep visitors actively engaged on your site. So hit record - whenever, wherever.

4. The Bold and The Beautiful...Typography

These days text is more important than ever. And this year, web designers are taking typography risks by adjusting the size, style, and placement of text on screen. As a business, you want your visitors to focus their attention on YOUR brand. And what better way to grab their attention than to perfectly style and position your message on your site. Whether it be custom, vintage, hand-drawn, or some other form of typography we don't know about yet...use this powerful visual medium to your advantage. Clear, concise statements can make a loud impact with BIG, BOLD TYPOGRAPHY! See what we did right there?

5. Color Your World

Like color? Have a little color? Want more color? Well if you do, it looks like now is the perfect time to design your new website. 2017 is the year for straying away from "web-safe" colors and making the shift over to bright, vivid hues. Designers are going against the grain from all angles by incorporating vibrant color palettes and kaleidoscopic gradients into the mix. Gradient use fell off the radar for a bit - but just like with every other trend in the world - it's back...bigger and bolder than ever. Color use seems to have no limitations this year. Monochromatic palettes, two-tone looks, loud gradients, subtle us, anything goes!

Author: Scriptable Solutions, LLC
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