Office Graffiti or a New Custom Web Design?
If you have ever been inside our office you would notice that we're pretty big on white boards. We have several of them hung strategically around the building. If random awesome ideas pop into our heads while walking to the break room, to the copier, or to our putting green to take some strokes off our game - we can quickly sketch them out so we don't forget our train of thought. In most cases our white boards are covered with coding and design elements that ultimately become actual websites and functionality for businesses all over. But there are a few cases where web design is cast aside and our internal struggle with hunger, happy hours, and humor have won.  

1. Real Design Elements

This sketch actually became the services page for a construction company's website.

2. Office Graffiti

This is what happens when the weather goes from 50 degrees on Tuesday to 85 degrees on Wednesday. Hot and hungry with ice cream on the brain.

3. Real Design Elements

This "fancy artistry" became the home page for a real estate company.

4. Office Graffiti

This is what happens when it's 6:30 at night and you're still at the office working (and dreaming).

5. Real Design Elements

This quick pic eventually became the mobile layout for a local restaurant.

6. Office Graffiti

This is what happens after we sit through a boring meeting that lasts hours.

7. Real Design Elements

This poorly drawn element became the About Us page for a garden center (with a lot of CSS help).

8. Office Graffiti

This is what happens when we learn that a food vendor is set-up outside of our building.

9. Real Design Elements

It's hard to imagine - but this little doodle actually became the portfolio page for our company website.

10. Office Graffiti

This is what happens at 4:59pm on a Friday.

11. Real Design Elements

This "etch-a-sketch" became the home page for consulting firm.

12. Office Graffiti

This is what happens when you make fun of a co-worker.

13. Real Design Elements

This will be the News section for a soon-to-be-launched website. We're only days away.

14. Office Graffiti

This is what happens when everyone is trying to decide what to eat for Friday lunch - and one person is being bossy.

15. Real Design Elements

This ditty became a content page for a doctor's office.

16. Office Graffiti

This is what happens when someone in our office is leaving for vacation to the Bahama's. This picture is titled "Salt in the Wound".

Even though our fun sketches eventually get erased - it's pretty sweet to know that most of our design pics ultimately become a finished project and end up on this beautiful "wall of design". 

Author: Scriptable Solutions, LLC
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