When Is It Time For A Website Makeover?
There is no set time to have your company website redesigned. It’s not as if a magical fairy will appear, wave her wand, and whisper in your ear “on August 31st you need to make the change”. (btw: if a fairy is talking to you…you might want to seek professional help.) Buuuut if they told you to redesign your website by August 31st…you better get your move on.
There are many reasons why you should have your website redesigned. However, we’re only going to list a few very important reasons for now. So go grab a scotch, sit down, read on…and then call us so we can deliver a new site by your August 31st go time. #FairiesKnowAll.

1. Is Polyester Back in Style? Not even close.
One of the simplest ways to know if you’re due for a website makeover is to look at it. Does it scream 2007? Is it sooooo last season? Does it remind you of your last blind date, out-of-style and more boring than Adam Sandlers last 5 movies? If yes, you better start to think…UPDATE.
It’s a sad tech fact that a 2-3 year old website can seem outdated and lagging. It’s another sad fact that most people will quickly judge a book by its cover. Put those two sad facts together, and you have one fantastic recipe for a website makeover.
On top of being visually unappealing, a subpar website comes off as being unprofessional and untrustworthy. Do you want to give your customers the impression that your company is behind the times and a wee bit shady? Of course not Bambi. So get with the program and update the out-date. Strip the 14 paragraphs of Times New Roman content from your home page, incorporate modern design trends and functionality, and start engaging with your audience.

2. Outdated Technology.
FLASH…a-ha…Savior of the Universe…FLASH…a-ha…He’ll save every one of us.
Fact #1: Flash Gordon had the best theme song of all theme songs ever created in the history of theme songs.
Fact #2: Flash by Adobe changed the game in web creativity by making sites interactive and animated.
Fact #3: If your site is still running on Flash…it’s time for an update.
Maybe your current website also doesn’t offer videos. Maybe your company wants to start selling products online. Maybe your current website is still playing music when opened (tip: nobody likes a musical site – we’ve all been busted not working at work because of them). All of these reasons are good reasons for a website makeover.

3. Rebranding Your Brand.
So you’ve changed things up a bit at work. You repackaged, renewed, rehired, refired, reorganized, relocated and so on. Change is wonderful; It makes the world go round. But it can also backfire on you if your current business model isn’t all matchy-matchy with your current web design.
If your website hasn’t evolved with your changing business – that’s a problem. You want your brand and company to be presented in the best way possible. And you definitely can’t do that if you’re spreading outdated messages and info online. You have to make the suit match the personality…make the decorations match the party…make the beer match the mood – forget that last one, we’ll drink the beer no matter what mood we’re in.

Author: Scriptable Solutions, LLC
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