Problems with Paying Too Little For a Website
Everyone loves a bargain. Everyone loves a good sale. Everyone would love to get a whole lot of something for a whole lot of nothing. But when it comes to saving coin in the website game, there is a big difference between getting a great deal and getting ripped off.

There is not a magic number you should pay to have a website created. But odds are, if the words FREE or CHEAP are what you’re thinking…you’re going to get exactly what you paid for.

What’s the problem with getting a cheap website, you ask? Because we’re smart, we have some answers for you…

1. Do you like templates? We don’t.
Inexpensive websites are most likely going to be created from a template. You get to pick from stock designs (that thousands of others before you have already selected fyi) and change the colors and logos. If you’re looking to have your business stand out from your competition – a cookie cutter website will only crumble under the pressure.

2. You’re located where?
If you didn’t open your wallet far…chances are your website was created by someone not living anywhere near you – unless you live in India or Bangladesh. Outsourcing can save you money upfront – but it probably won’t save you time or frustration.

3. Wherefore art thou tech support?
A lot of “cheap web designers” seem to disappear after a site is launched, leaving you high and dry when you need to make an update, change, or to fix a problem. And if you do reach them, odds are they won’t know how to fix the problem anyway.  
4. Security Breach.
Good web designers are constantly trying to stay ahead of security threats so the sites they create won’t be compromised. Bad designers do not. If your site gets hacked…get ready to open your wallet even bigger to have it fixed.
5. Bad Code. Bad Design. Bad Site.
It may sound great to have your cousin’s best-friends uncle’s 16 year old nephew create you a website for 2 bags of Twizzlers – but seeing as your website is a vital marketing tool for your business…do you really want to put that much importance into the hands of a friend of a friend of a friend who really doesn’t know what they’re doing?

Your company website is definitely an investment – but in today’s world, it is a necessary investment. If your website isn’t designed right, you risk losing money and credibility. Don’t think of only the immediate impact on your wallet – because saving money upfront doesn’t always save you money down the road. So do your research and remember… If it sounds too good to be true - then it most likely is.

Author: Scriptable Solutions, LLC
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