Are You Paying Too Much For a Website?
There is no magic number you have to spend to have a website. Since a website is a service rather than a tangible product, it is hard to put a price tag on it. And since different factors, such as functionality, can raise and lower the cost, the final price of a website depends on what exactly you need your site to do. Yes a website can be expensive. But you don’t always need to break the bank to get yourself online either.
Just because something is expensive that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better. Does a Rolex tell the time any better than a $12 watch from Target? Assuming both batteries are still working…no it doesn’t. One may look nicer than the other (and we do say “may look” – Target has some pretty sweet watches these days) but both watches perform the exact same task of providing you the time when you need it.  
Of course we’re not saying you can get a Rolex watch for the bargain price of $12…but what we are saying is to do your research when looking for a designer or firm to work with.

What to look for after getting your website quote:

1. Bang for your Buck.

Some “designers” charge a hefty fee just to create a simple WordPress site. If you’re good with paying that amount – look into a custom web company that can create you a website from scratch. Definitely make sure you aren’t shelling out thousands of dollars for a template website.
2. Analyze This.

It’s always best to know what exactly you need your website to do. Do you really need a shopping cart? A custom scheduler? An online reservations area? Don’t over pay for what you need or don’t need out of the gate.
3. Got Mobile?

Do not over pay for a website that doesn’t include a mobile version. Having a mobile site is a necessity – not an option. If your large website quote doesn’t include this…go mobile and run…and run fast. Just like Pac-Man.

Author: Scriptable Solutions LLC
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