Go Mobile or Go Home!

So many things are mobile in today’s fast-paced world. Homes, forces, Alabama, and of course right in your pocket…your phone. In the digital age (the “present time” for all of you non-tech lingo lovers) the first impression someone will get of your brand or company will most likely be from a mobile source. And if your website isn’t compatible with the mobile world…very shortly the world might stop being compatible with you. Words sting don’t they?
So why should you have a mobile friendly website? Let’s talk this out together…

1. Google has put the smack down.
In the internet world Google is God, plain and simple. If Google says they want a non-fat Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato you better bet that webmasters far and wide will be running to Starbucks galore. Back in 2015, Google dropped a bomb by announcing an algorithm change that would begin to rank sites based on mobile compatibility.

Meaning: Websites that are optimized for mobile viewers will rank better than those who aren’t. Speed up a few years to the present…if you’re not mobile friendly, Google isn’t that friendly to you. And let’s face it, we all could use more friends.

2. Everybody’s doing it.
It’s official! (Or so the God’s at Google tell us). Mobile has taken over as the main way of browsing online. More people now search online from a mobile device than from a desktop computer. As time goes on the number of people accessing the internet from their phones and tablets will only get larger.

Meaning: Optimizing for mobile is a must-do! (Did you really need us to tell you that or did you figure that one out on your own?)

3. You can’t afford not to have it.
There are no benefits we can think of to not being mobile. Love them or hate them (we really don’t know why you would hate them) mobile peeps are buyers and consumers of all things, good and evil. In fact, most mobile users search for local businesses, looking to buy products and services in their area. If Google doesn’t like you (refer to point #1 above), your company will not appear in a search result.  

Meaning: If you don’t get in the boat…you’re going to miss the float.

4. Happy customers are happy shoppers.
Mobile users are already on the go…so they want the ability to connect wicked fast to the information they are seeking. They don’t want a desktop version that takes 12 seconds to load to eventually appear on their phones. What they want is quick simplicity…a fast loading site that gives them one click phone calls, directions, reservations and more, without scrolling forever, zooming in and out, side-by-side, and reading pages and pages of outdated content.

Meaning: Happy experience + happy shoppers = $$$$

5. Unless you’re a watch…don’t be a fossil.
Fashion and styles change faster than Superman in a phone booth. It is definitely challenging to stay ahead of the “cool” curve and to keep evolving with “what’s trendy”. But we have good news for your mobile site (for this week at least). Mobile sites are still looked at as being hip, chic, and cutting edge. If you’re not mobile, Google wants to smack you and users want to put you on the next episode of “What Not To Wear”.

Meaning: Non-mobile websites can easily be compared to the T-Rex and the Velociraptor…both are completely unfriendly, outdated, and both are EXTINCT.

Bonus Meaning: Don’t go the way of the dinosaurs and become a fossil…get a fast loading mobile site and live large!
Author: Scriptable Solutions LLC
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