6 Ways To Start Ranking Better On Google
There is no quick fix to landing the top dog position of numero uno on Google. And if anyone out there promises they can get you there tomorrow…well, be prepared to own a herd of unicorns because that’s what they’re selling.
Google has all sorts of algorithms and wizardry up their sleeves for ranking websites. Some ranking factors the Google Gods keep intimately to themselves, and others are well known for working, and working well. Getting your site on page 1 takes time and effort. Of course there are tons and tons of factors for Google’s ranking algorithm, over 200 to be exact…but for now, here are 6 ways to start moving towards the top on this search engine giant.

1. Mobile.
Have we stressed this enough yet? For the love of guacamole, get your head in the game and get a mobile site already. If you don’t know that Google ranks sites based on mobile compatibility by now, we seriously fear for our future. Get a mobile site or get lost (in the search engine abyss that is).

2. Design.
Always keep design on the front burner when creating your website. Not only will a good web design appeal to your visitors, but it will also appeal to your biggest visitor of all…Google. And by design, we are not only referring to fancy photos and pretty colors. Keep it clean and well-organized – just like how your mom wanted your closet to look when you were in junior high.  

3. Speed.
Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves love Speed…and so does Google. Google uses page speed as one of their ranking factors. If your website hangs, not only will Google push you down the list, but your customers will abandon you too! Much like Keanu Reeves entire fan club.

4. Keywords.
Keywords and lots of them should appear in your content. Just think of what someone would type into Google to find you (ex: Karaoke Bar) and run with it. But don’t run too much. Yes, Google looks at keyword density to index sites…but they also look at keyword stuffing to blacklist sites. Make your keyword content appear as natural as possible or experience the wrath of Google hating spam.

5. Security.
Not only does having a secure website make your visitors feel all warm, fuzzy, and giddy, but Google likes the vibe it sends off as well. Since the online world is full of creepers, scammers, hackers and every other bad word ending in “ers”, HTTPS is a must. (You are thinking of more words ending in "ers" right now, aren't you?)

6. Content.
It’s always sketchy landing on a website that’s still showing “The Hansons MMMBop Tour 1997” as “Coming Soon”. Keeping content fresh and updated is not only wanted by your audience, but it is also one of the best indicators of a websites relevancy. And who likes relevant content you ask? That’s right smarty pants…Google. 

Author: Scriptable Solutions, LLC
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