5 MORE Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Website
Since there seems to be an infinite amount of mistakes that can be made when building a website, we thought it would be a good idea to keep you in the loop by giving you yet another set of 5 key mistakes to steer clear from.
In this addition, we are going to skip the fluffy intro and jump right to the point (much like how your website content should appear…clear & concise…hmmm maybe there will be a THIRD installment of this article??)

Website Mistakes to Avoid…TAKE 2!!

1. Play Music

Unless you’re Pandora or Spotify – nobody is coming to your website for the music. It doesn’t matter what genre of music your site plays. Whether it plays Frank Sinatra or Insane Clown Posse – your musical site is only letting bosses everywhere know exactly what their employees are doing behind cubicle walls.
On top of being a giant website narc, most people find website background music annoying. In today’s world, just about everyone, including your great-grandmother, is listing to their own personal playlist. Your musical site only interferes with their jam session.    

2. Skip on Social Media
Posts, tweets, pins, shares, likes, loves, hates, and everything in between are an essential part to your website being found by your customers or fan base. To quote your grandfather, “kids these days”, consume social media faster than a 3 year old sucking down Pixy Stixs at a birthday party. Because of this, your potential clients might not find your website through a traditional online search. A good majority of them will learn about your company or brand through a Facebook post, Twitter feed, Pintrest Board, etc. People L-O-V-E sharing info – why not give them something to share? Except Pixy Stixs…nobody likes to share those.

3. Create Long Pages
Remember when you had to read The Great Gatsby in 11th grade English class? What did you do when you couldn’t find the Cliffs Notes. Same as us…you skimmed through each section as fast as humanly possible, reading only a little from each long-winded paragraph, hoping to grasp the main idea so you would be prepared for class on Thursday. #SitInTheBackOfTheClass
Your website is not an American classic. You are not F. Scott Fitzgerald – so stop writing like you are. Your customers do not have the patience or the attention span to read your lengthy message. Keep it quick, simple, and easy to read.
  1. Numbered sections work great.
  • Bullets work wonders.
"And quick taglines amaze the masses."   

4. Load Up on Stock Photography
The smiling cashier. The corporate team looking over legal papers. The business partners shaking hands. These images have been used, abused, and overused. To separate your brand from the others – try using natural, authentic photography. Take professional pics of your product, your team, your location, and anything else that helps to define you and what you stand for.
We understand the need to use some stock photography, as original photography might not always be possible. If you have to use them, use sparingly, or hire a graphic designer to help make the images more unique to your message. Like business partners shaking hands – but in front of YOUR company store.

5. Design Bad Navigation
If your visitors can’t find what they are looking for on your website – well that just defeats the whole purpose, doesn’t it? No matter whether you want people to buy, subscribe, donate, register, or call – you need to make sure they can get to that final action quickly and easily. Scavenger hunts were only fun during junior high - so don’t hide your brand information, making people have to dig around your website to find it. Leave the digging to the dogs and create your website navigation according to how you would like to find something if you were your own customer.

Author: Scriptable Solutions LLC
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