Lacking Website Leads? Here Are 3 Reasons Why
Driving traffic to your website can take time, effort, and in a lot of cases, money. You can advertise online, on the radio, on television, you can chat it up like a 14 year old girl on social media, you can tirelessly work on improving your SEO strategies. All of these things (and much, much more) work together to bring visitors to your website. And bringing visitors to your website is the first step to generating leads.
The second step is getting those visitors to convert into loyal customers. This should be the main goal of your website btw, because guess what? Customers buy things…lots of things.
So you’ve been able to drive traffic, and plenty of it, to your site on the daily. That’s awesome.
But wait.
Why aren’t your visitors turning into customers? Why are they leaving and not buying anything? Why are they clicking on your site and then running away faster than Zac Efron on the beach in Baywatch?
We’ll tell you why.
It turns out, it doesn’t matter how much traffic pours into your website if that traffic doesn’t turn into leads or customers.  Here are a few simple formulas to help convey this message…
Website Visitors + Website Customers = GOOD
Website Visitors + No Website Customers = BAD
It’s fairly simple math.
Assuming you are offering products that actually work, and your company performs quality services…here are 3 reasons why your website is not converting your visitors into customers:

1. Your visitors don’t trust you.
Ask anyone (over 21 for maturity sake) what they think is the most important factor in a relationship…Trust. They’ll always say trust. (anyone under 21 only cares if someone in the relationship can buy them beer).
Your customers view their interaction with your company as a type of working relationship. And if they can’t trust you…be prepared to eat a pint of cookie dough ice cream while watching Pretty Woman on repeat – because a break-up is coming quickly.
Making customers believe in the validity of your company, products, and services online is uber important. Poor product images, spelling errors, broken links, old content, and an outdated web design all scream SWIPE LEFT to your customers.

2. Your visitors can’t find what they’re looking for.
Life is full of little daily mysteries…what is that smell?...where are my keys?...why is my shirt sticky?...when is Teen Mom OG going to get cancelled?
Because so much time is spent trying to figure out these endless riddles, the last mystery anyone is looking to solve is where to find the information they need on your company website.
If it takes your customers too many clicks to get to where they want to go, or if your contact information, return policy, or dinner menu is hidden…then your customers will stay hidden too. Much like your cell phone in the freezer.
Why on earth would your cell phone be in the freezer? Ahhh…another great mystery Watson.

3. Your visitors don’t know what to do next.
Unless you're 5 years old, you like directions. Directions to drive to your aunt’s house, directions to the baggage claim at JFK, and directions on how to use the new hair dye you just bought. Without directions we would all be lost and luggage-less, with purple hair.
When it comes to your website, you can’t assume that your customers know where to go, what to do, or how exactly to do it. You have to give proper directions.
These calls-to-action are clear, concise messages that give your customers the information they need for what to do next. Example: To get rid of purple hair - click here!

Author: Scriptable Solutions LLC
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