Trust Is A Must! 6 Reasons Why People Don't Trust Your Website
Trust is HUGE online. Because let’s face it…we are all vehemently suspicious of anything on the internet. (Unless it’s Amazon Prime…we all seem to blindly believe in 2-day free shipping.)
The reassuring fact is, there are millions of legitimate businesses floating around on the internet. But unfortunately, the scammers in this world have made the 3 billion people currently using the internet still skeptical of most online websites.
Scammers destroy our hopes and dreams, and they have made it very hard for reputable businesses to gain a users trust. You know that "few bad apples" saying? Well, it totally applies to your website.
Because of scam websites and the hundreds of other businesses customers have to choose from, it is essential for your company website to appear trustworthy and professional in every way possible. Users will not engage with a website they do not trust. They will simply X out and find another website that provides them with a warm, fuzzy feeling.
Here are 6 reasons why your visitors don’t trust your website…

1. Poor Website Design
The design of your website is the most powerful indicator of your company’s trustworthiness. Whether admitted or not, people judge a lot of books by their covers – and your website is your company’s cover.
People will judge your websites credibility based solely on visual appearance alone. Incorporating strange fonts, colors, poor images, scrolling texts, ads, pop ups, and confusing navigation, will only navigate your visitors away from your site.
And if you missed our 16 other blog posts…if you don’t have a mobile version, what the heck are you doing?!?! Oh yeah, getting people to not trust you.

2. Errors Everywhere
Spelling and grammar mistakes didn’t get you very far during English class in high school, and as it turns out, they still won’t get you anywhere now either.
Web content riddled with errors is a huge red flag for visitors. Most people will let a few minor spelling mistakes slide because no one is perfect. But major spelling and grammar mess-ups SCREAM that you don’t know what you’re doing, or that you just might be an idiot.
Yes, acceptable grammar has changed a ton in the wake of social media and texting…but...your content should still be coherent.
And speaking of huge red flags…broken links are a complete trust buster. Make sure all of your web links work and go to the right spot. If not, your visitors will go to another spot - like another website.

3. Outdated and Hidden Content
We’re going to address two trust factors in this section, so stick with us.
The first part: Outdated Content
If the last blog or event posted on your website was during Miley Cyrus’s epic swing on a wrecking ball…people don’t trust you.
Displaying outdated web content tells your visitors that you are either 1.) out of business or 2.)working on going out of business. And on top of that, old irrelevant content will damage your reputation and destroy your websites SEO.
The second part: Hidden Content
The About Us page is one of the most viewed pages on a website. Why? Because visitors want to feel a connection with the company they are working with. If you are lacking an About Us page or provide very limited information – your website appears less trustworthy.
Also, by not providing contact information users immediately think that you’re hiding something. Make sure your phone number and address are properly displayed for potential customers to contact you. Contact = Trust.

4.  No Reviews or Testimonials
Even though we all know some reviews on some websites are fake, we all have been influenced by them at one time or another. Whether it was for a hotel, a skateboard, or for a plumber, a review, either good or bad, has swayed us.
Customer reviews and testimonials add credibility. And credibility is exactly what your visitors are looking for. People trust websites more when reviews, written testimonials, or videos are present vs. when they are not. And if your reviews can be backed up with pictures and names, that’s even better.

5. No Social Media Presence
It’s all about the followers these days. And the more you have, the more you’re trusted. The more you don’t, the more you’re busted.
If your website has an active social media presence and is engaged with those who share your content, you will be viewed as legitimate in the eyes of users everywhere. And on the flip side, if you don’t have a social media presence…well, nobody believes you.

6. Lack of Security
The number one thing that scares online users the most is security, and lack of it. Since the internet was conceived, people have been afraid of their personal information being stolen by it. And if your website is not giving off the safety dance vibe…people no trusto.
People want to know how you are going to use their personal information, and how it is going to stay protected. Security conscious users abandon all websites that do not provide a detailed privacy policy and an SSL connection.
You can add security and credibility to your website by giving your visitors what they want…a tiny green padlock on their browser bar. Green = Envy

Author: Scriptable Solutions, LLC
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