6 Web Design Trends To Help You Stay Fresh In 2018
2018 has brought us so much so far this year. It has brought us another Jennifer Aniston divorce…another Kardashian baby…another disturbing use for Tide Pods…and of course, another fun-filled list of new website design trends.
As it turns out, in terms of design, not too much has changed since way back in 2017. It seems like the web trends of yesterday are here to stay. The only real change in web design this year is that there is a giant push towards MORE, MORE, and EVEN MORE.
What a shock. People want more. That almost never happens. (Insert sarcastic eye roll here.)
2018 is definitely the year for web designers to tweak, adjust, and add to the current design elements they are using, bringing in a more modern twist. Trust us, nothing about 2018 web design is stale. It is rather the year for advancement and refinement. Very much the opposite of what Tide Pod eaters are doing on YouTube these days.

Here are 6 website design trends for 2018:

1. Lay it out…and break it up
Broken grid layouts are not exactly new. But in 2018, designers are thinking even more out of the box. Pun very intended.
These asymmetrical designs allow for images and text to overlap and seemingly move across the pages, providing unique experiences for visitors.  Breaking the invisible lines of a website layout with the use of diagonals, layering elements, and creative white space, can easily set a website apart.  

2. Color it in
Like color? Have a little color? Want more color? Well if you do, it looks like now is the perfect time to design your new website. Hold on, we’re having déjà vu back to our article on design trends from 2017. How could that be? It’s because the color trend still rings true in 2018, that’s how.

“Web-safe colors”, though still used, are not mandatory like they once were. Advances in computer monitors and mobile devices have pushed designers to use rich, vibrant colors and to find even more interesting ways to use them.  

3. Animation isn’t just for Disney
Place any kid in front of a T.V. when Scooby-Doo is on and watch what happens. They become completely engrossed in shaggy’s shenanigans within seconds.  Kids love animation. Why? Because it’s awesome #1. And #2…it visually tells a story.
It turns out that adults share the same love. Motion quickly grabs the attention of a visitor and holds it for a greater length of time than static images. (Think film strip in elementary school vs. movie day). If you are looking to include your audience in on your story, animation is an awesome tool for engaging them.

4. Go macro with Microinteractions
There is absolutely nothing micro about microinteractions. These unique user responses can create a large impact by enticing visitors to interact with your website, making your audience oooooh and ahhhhh as if it were the 4th of July.
Microinteraction is animations quiet, more reserved friend. Unlike animation, where continuous movement plays around you, microinteractions respond only to your behaviors on a website. If you click a button or hover over an icon, microinteractions will reward you by displaying a unique effect. Show us a person who doesn’t like to be rewarded for good behavior and we’ll show you a cigar rolling unicorn.

5. There’s no typo in typography
In 2018, typography is being taken to a more robust level. Blame it on sharper device resolutions, advancements in CSS, or the fact that Taco Bell has made everyone go ga-ga over anything bold & spicy…whatever the push, typography is keeping it real by bringing home the flare and drama.
This powerful visual medium helps to not only tell a story, but to also breathe life into an ordinary website. In the upcoming months, we will see typography getting bigger, bolder, and more oddly spaced, as designers set out to make a mark. 

6. Next stop…Illustration Station
Everyone’s favorite author and illustrator, Dr. Seuss, said it best when he stated, “why fit in when you were born to stand out?”
The creative use of custom illustrations can easily transform your website from spinster to hipster. These hand drawn elements inject a ton of personality into your brand and place an emphasis on being playful and unique. This year, there is a heavy push for using these tailored elements to help make websites stand out from the competition.
Design Disclaimer: Always keep in mind that incorporating too much of anything is exactly that…too much. Before utilizing any trend, make sure it is the right fit for your project and for your brand. If you don’t, your website might end up looking foolish…just like the Tide Pod eaters of yesterday.

Author: Scriptable Solutions, LLC
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