5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building A Website...Part III
threequel (plural threequels)
a second sequel; a third installment of a book, movie, event, or other series
The Hangover did it. So did The Godfather, Die Hard, Rocky, Men in Black, and even the green guy Shrek. Heck if they can all make threequels, so can we.
This lovely article is a follow-up to our first installment on this topic, “5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Website” and to its sequel, “5 MORE Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Website”. Since a boat load of mistakes can be made when designing a website – don’t be shocked when we write part 4, “5 MORE & EVEN MORE & THEN SOME MORE Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Website”, in about 3 weeks.
So without further introduction…

Here are 5 more mistakes to avoid when building your website:

1. Doing Too Much
Too much of anything isn’t always good. Too much candy makes your stomach hurt. Too much sleep makes you more tired. Too much beer makes you fun…and then annoying…and then it turns you into a pile of vomit, filled with regret. Oddly enough, when it comes to website design...the same rule holds true.
If you incorporate too much interaction, too much imagery, too much color, too many fancy scripts, or too much content into your design…it isn’t always good.
Unless a person is at Barnes & Noble curled up with a venti vanilla latte and a best-selling novel, (that they have no intention of actually buying), people don’t have the patience to read paragraph after paragraph of written content. And they definitely don’t have enough Xanax in their purse to help them combat the craziness of your overindulgent website.

2. Lag on Content
On the flip side…having too little content on your website is a giant mess up as well.
Without words, we would all have no idea what we’re doing online. Even Instagram uses words because let’s be real Maggie May, Rod Stewart wasn’t exactly right when he belted out the lyrics to “Every Picture Tells a Story”. Sometimes a picture can’t tell the whole story. Your written content is what brings everything together, setting the stage and making the picture complete.  
Yes, your content should be kept clear and simple. However, when visitors land on your site, they instantly need to know what your business is about, what you offer, and how to get in contact with you. Make sure your content is providing the info they crave.

3. Skip SEO
If you think SEO stands for SKIP ELIMINATE OMIT – you’re very wrong. Clever…but wrong.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is wickedly essential to your website design and should be incorporated from the very beginning. Without SEO, your gorgeous new website will still be gorgeous…it just won’t be found. And all beautiful things deserve to be discovered…just ask Gisele Bündchen, she was discovered while housing a Big Mac in Brazil.  
If you’re going to skip on something when designing your website, skip on playing music…pop-up ads…using Flash…scrolling text…whoops, we don’t want to give too much of our next article, “5 MORE & EVEN MORE & THEN SOME MORE Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Website”, away too soon. Consider those tips a teaser.

4. Forget Your Personality
The definition of per•son•al•i•ty is stated as being “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character”. Personality makes you stand out…it makes you unique…it makes you, YOU!
Without getting too “philosophy 101” on you here, your website isn’t a living, breathing entity…but it does still require a personality. It needs a personality to help it stand out from your competition, to build relationships with visitors, to match your brand, and to ask your BFF out on a date. Scrap that last part Socrates…your website is totally out of your besties league.
Personalization allows your visitors to have a unique experience on your website. Make sure you are creating a design filled with a sense of who you are and one that accurately represents the brand you have developed.

5. Scrap The Blog
Guess what you’re reading right now? A blog. And not just any blog. Our blog.
We’ve said it in the past, and we will say it again…even dogs have blogs for crying out loud. So get in the game and don’t scrap the blog when creating your website. If you do, you might just lose business to the labradoodle down on 5th ave with the WordPress site.
So why do you need a blog on your website? Let us break it down numbered style…
1. A blog helps you personalize your site. You can make it entirely your own. Your own thoughts, your own topics, your own pictures, your own words. Think…Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! It’s all about you.
2. A blog helps to reinforce your message and makes you a type of guru on a subject. The more info you provide about a specific topic…the more you’re viewed as a genius in that field. It’s like getting an honorary doctorate, without ever opening a book, going to class, or showering with flip flops on.
3. A blog helps you publish fresh and exciting content for your audience to engage with. The more content you create for your visitors to read…the more they share, the more they trust you, and the more they come back for even more.
4. A blog helps you improve your websites SEO. (There’s that pesky SKIP ELIMINATE OMIT phrase again.) Fresh content that is directed at your audience, definitely helps you climb the search engine ladder.

Stayed tuned for Part IV...

Author: Scriptable Solutions, LLC
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