Let’s Have Some Fun! Here Are 20 Fun Web Facts To Help Make You Smarter
As we’re writing this, it is an absolute picture perfect day outside. 85 degrees without a cloud in the sky. And to make this day even brighter, a hot dog vendor is setting up shop in front of our office doors. Can you say lunch plans? Because we can.
In the spirit of the sunny warm weather that has rolled in over our heads, and the tubular shaped meat we are about to chow down on…we decided to keep today’s article light, fresh and delicious. So without further hesitation…

Here are 20 Fun Web Facts To Help Make You Smarter:

When he first invented it in 1989, Tim Berners-Lee kept the entire World Wide Web (which was still rather small for a time) on his NeXTcube from NeXT, the company started by Steve Jobs after being ousted from Apple.
During the 1990’s, Bill Gates said that an internet browser was “a trivial piece of software”.
Gary Kremen, the founder of Match.com, knew his website was a success when his girlfriend dumped him for a man she met on Match.

4. Stargate, starring Kurt Russell and James Spader, was the first movie to have an official website.
The first webcam was implemented at Cambridge University in 1991. The video recorded a coffee maker, in an attempt to avoid wasted trips to an empty pot.
Symbolics.com was the first domain name to be registered. It was registered in 1985.
Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter, sent the first tweet on March 21st, 2006. It read “just setting up my twttr”.
The founders of Google, Larry Page & Sergey Brin, attempted to sell their company to Excite in 1999 for under 1 million dollars. Excite passed on the deal. Google is worth over 132 billion dollars today.
30,000 websites are hacked daily.
10. Microsoft threatened to sue Mike Rowe, a 12th grade student at Belmont High School in Canada, after he registered the domain name “MikeRoweSoft.com” in 2003. Microsoft eventually acquired ownership of the domain name in exchange for an Xbox & additional compensation.
In 2010, Finland became the first country to make having internet access a legal right.
Douglas Engelbart introduced the first computer mouse in 1968 at the Fall Joint Computer Expo in San Francisco.
13. Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the modern World Wide Web & uploader of the first image to the internet, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2003. He is now Sir Tim Berners-Lee.
80% of the 269 billion emails sent every day are spam.
RIAA, which is partially owned by Sony Music, sued Launch.com, which is owned by Sony’s Tech unit in May of 2001. Basically, Sony’s music department sued its tech department.
Mark Zuckerberg’s original Facebook profile number ID is 4.
Google had to buy the Gmail domain from Garfield the cartoon cat – who at one time offered a free email service at Gmail.com.
300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
In 2016, the most expensive Google AdWords keyword was “best mesothelioma lawyer” at $935 dollars.
20. Al Gore did not invent the internet.
Consider yourself smarter…

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