Content Is King. 3 Reasons Why Updating Your Web Content Is So Important
A round cookie with one bite out of it looks like a C…
A round doughnut with one bite out of it also looks like a C
but it’s not as good as a cookie…
The moon sometimes looks like a C
but you can’t eat that.

~ Cookie Monster

Thanks to the big blue furry guy with an insatiable appetite for baked goods, most of us think that "C is for Cookie". Though this rule speaks absolute truth when you’re standing at a Mrs. Fields kiosk in the mall, when it comes to your website, C is for Content…and that’s good enough for me.

Keeping the content on your website current, relevant, and interesting is necessary for your audience and for search engines alike.

So what type of content are we talking about?

All of it. Your homepage, your interior pages, your company bio’s, videos, articles, blogs, etc. The more content you can update regularly, the better. Search engines love updated content and so do your visitors; It gives them both something to keep coming back for. (Like the blue ribbon chocolate chip cookies at Mrs. Fields. #canthavejustone.)

Here are 3 reasons why updating your web content is so important:

1. Search Engines Search For It.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the other search engines out there, crawl around your website gathering information so they know what your website is all about. If you’ve optimized your web content correctly, these search geniuses are displaying your URL in relevant search queries. Which is wonderful – but do you want to know what’s even MORE wonderful? Of course you do.

Each time you create new content for your website, (like write a blog, add a service, product, team member, etc.), you have the opportunity to add more relevant information and keywords about your business. And keywords are exactly what search engines are looking for. Sushi Bar…Kareoke Bar…Martini Bar…Wine Bar…Chocolate Bar…whatever your business is about – write about it. The more significant content you generate - the more education search engines gain about you and your bar, er’ we mean business.

P.S. We secretly hope your business is a bar. Bars are fun. And fun is good.

2. Visitors Trust You Because of It.

Good web content produces visitor engagement and loyalty, as it builds trust between you and your audience. The more you write on a particular topic, the more you become an authority figure on said topic.

For example – do you consider Cookie Monster an expert on eating cookies? Most definitely. And why is that? It’s because you’ve seen countless video’s, read countless books, and have heard countless songs that both tell and show you that he has mad cookie skills. By all accounts, the blue monster is a chocolate chip master with a PhD in dough.

3. Users Use It & Share It.

A website is nothing without visitors. And without content, your visitors have nothing to visit for.

Content attracts visitors and it tempts them to return. The more you update your website with interesting blogs, upcoming events, rave reviews and so on, the bigger the potential for users to stop back to check out what’s new with your company. If the last post on your website was from Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl, people are going to assume you’re either crazy, out of business, or dead. And they’ll quickly stop visiting your “grave” site.

In addition, social media has given the world the opportunity to be able to share every single snippet of information they read, see or hear, no matter how useful, fun or lame it is. Your quality content entices your users to share your story all over the place. If you update your website regularly with valuable content – your visitors will pass around your brand like it’s a plate of warm cookies.

Plate of what? Did me hear warm COOOOOOKIES???!!! COWABUNGA! Om nom nom…

Don't you just love a good Cookie Monster reference? Clearly we do.

Author: Scriptable Solutions, LLC
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