Yes Dorothy - There Is No Place Like Home
It’s probably not shocking news to hear that our office location is currently closed due to COVID-19. Just like countless other businesses across the state, nation and world, we have altered our daily in-office work routine and are adjusting to a Work From Home Only situation.
The good news?

When your business is virtually all virtual, you can virtually do your virtual work from virtually anywhere.
Yes, our physical office is closed. But yes – we are ALL still WORKING.
Same days. Same hours.

The only other difference? We’re currently way more lax on the whole office dress code thing. 

If you are a potential client, new client, or a client of ours for many, many years…here is our PSA:

We are still designing, developing & maintaining websites everyday AND our online marketing program is in full swing. If you have design changes, content adjustments, or additional marketing work that needs to be completed, please send it along. (Most of us need extra excuses to stay 6’ away from our families by locking ourselves in our home offices all day.)
As your online reputation remains our top priority, always feel free to reach out and connect with us. Our design & development teams, marketing & sales teams, content writers, billing and more, can all be easily communicated with by phone, email or video chat.
FYI: If you do decide on a video chat – just remember what we said about our office dress code. We take absolutely no responsibility for the appearance of any of our team members. #IsThatAHulkHoganTankTop
Stay healthy and strong – and sanitize on!

Author: Scriptable Solutions, LLC
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